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How do Spiderwebs Help Skydivers?

Dew drops on a spiderweb
While dusting the house have you ever cross jhalis (webs) in the corners of the wall? Sometimes you may come across them under table corners or at rarely used places. Yes, the webs are woven by spiders.It's a nuisance clearing them for just when you manage to remove one sticky web, the spider scurries off to a corner to...

Fairy Tale Country

Anjali got up. Her grandmother was still asleep. It was quite bright outside. 'It must be eight. Why hasn't Naani got up?' she thought to herself. She placed her hand on her naani's forehead. It felt warm."Naani," Anjali softly whispered in her ear. Naani opened her eyes and looked around. "Oh my! You will be late child. I am...