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Who invented Hello?

Who invented Hello?
Hello, Hullo, Hallo, Hull-oo-oo-oo. You may say it softly or you may holler at the top of your voice, but the person at the other end knows that all you are trying to do is get in touch with a greeting.Legend has it that Thomas Alva Edison was the first to say hello over the telephone. But Edison didn't...

Nikola Tesla – Unsung Prophet of Electrical Age

Nikola Tesla - Unsung Prophet of Electrical Age
If you ask anyone or check up in the encyclopaedia, who invented the radio or X-rays, chances are you will never come across the name of Nikola Tesla there.Look up fluorescent bulb, neon lights, car ignition system, electron microscope, microwave oven and many others - you can search page after page but your search will turn up zilch on...