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Riots Rage in Greece After Cop Shoots Boy

Where: Athens, GreeceDecember 11, 2008 : The shooting took place after a verbal disagreement between two police officers and a small group of people in the Exarcheia district of Athens. Eyewitnesses said the police officer fired directly at the boy. In the riots that followed, protesters expressed their rage against the government. They set hundreds of buildings...

Trees of Delhi – Under the Axe!

Where: The Capital city of New Delhi, IndiaMarch 26, 2007: Imagine you are in a city where there are a lot of trees, large parks, open spaces, playgrounds. Slowly, the city starts filling up with more and more people. These people need houses. They need transport, to get from one place to another. They need more schools, more hospitals,...

Summer music of the trees

Gulmohar (Delonix regia) is also know as Peacock Flower, Flame of the Forest, and Flame Tree.
I always used to think that the drive across a four kilometre stretch from my house to the main road was a pain. Actually, not all of it was a pain. The car bounced up and down a few bumpy patches the first kilometer, then zoomed across a smooth 2.5 kilometre slope before struggling in a three-legged hurdle race...

A Birthday Surprise

A girl collecting leaves
When you live in one place for as long as I have, you get to know everyone in the locality. I have lived in one house for 25 years now. When we moved to this house, the first person I met was Tara. Her parents lived in the next block. I think she was about eight when I first...

The Adventurer

World explorer girl playing with globe
I am sure all families are interesting. But I like to think that my family is especially interesting. I have such great nephews and nieces because of whom there is not a single dull moment in life.Two-and-a-half year old Arshiya goes around asking everyone a very serious question, “Are you happy?” If you ask her to exercise, she says,...

Crafts kits for kids

Crafts kits for kids: Butterfly in the garden
I live in a neighbourhood of Delhi which is full of children of all ages, shapes and sizes. In the evenings, the quiet of the place is shattered by the blood curdling cries of boys and girls let loose in the park. They play games that are certainly not for the fainthearted!Ishaan and Tarini are no different. This brother-sister...

What Is The Origin Of Silk Fabric?

What Is The Origin Of Silk Fabric?
My mother took out her favourite blue silk saree for the dinner party. I looked at it, mesmerised by its shimmer and lustre. The rich fabric draped around her body, making her look so very elegant. Definitely no other fabric can match the qualities of silk.But have you ever wondered, how silk fabric came into existence? Silk production, or...

What are Volcanic Tubeworms?

What are Volcanic Tubeworms?
In order to raise chicks the farmer keeps the eggs warm and is careful not to crush them. But when scientists in the University of Southern California rear tubeworms, they keep the immature worms very cold and under high pressure.You would think the scientists are being cruel by subjecting these little worms to such extreme conditions. They are not.The...

Why was the apple tree crying?

Because people were always picking on him!

The fastest growing tree in the world is…

The fastest growing tree in the world is the Eucalyptus. One tree in New Guinea grew 10.5 m (35 ft) in one year. This is almost 3 cm (over 1 in) a day. In contrast, a Sika Spruce inside the Arctic Circle, takes some 98 years to grow 28cm (11 in ); some 4,000 times slower.