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A Syllabus for Harmony

November 24: A syllabus where a chapter on Habba Khatoon, a famous Kashmiri poet, jostles for space along with chapters on papier-mâché, hanguls (deer), apples and Kashmiri rugs?Well, these subjects are what primary school students in Kashmir, are going to be reading in their textbooks - and it is not without reason. The violence in Kashmir seems to be...

What is Esperanto?

Hello in major languages around the world
Esperanto is an artificial international language created by Dr Ludovic Lazarus Zamenof between 1877-85. Zamenhof, who grew up in Warsaw, Poland, was convinced that a common language would be necessary to resolve many problems as language barriers helped to aggravate problems between nations.Zamenhof realised that none of the major European languages, French, German, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian could...