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Is the Red Colobus monkey extinct?

Red colobus monkey (Piliocolobus kirki)
Unbelievable but true! A large West African monkey has simply vanished from the earth. It has joined the Dodo, by becoming the first primate to vanish in the 20th century. After a six-year long survey, scientists and wildlife experts have declared the monkey, known as Miss Waldron's Red Colobus monkey, extinct.Primatologists (people who study the evolution of apes and...

The Eyes of a Child Soldier

Where: Sierra Leone, AfricaAugust 5, 2000: A child is recognised everywhere as a symbol of innocence. Those who fight wars know this fact. And the more brutal among them use this knowledge to do the most terrible thing. They force children to fight the wars that they have started.This is what the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) does in the...