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Killer Storm Rages Through Western Europe

Where: Paris, FranceMarch 1, 2010 : A violent storm originating in the Atlantic Ocean crashed into the western coasts of France, Portugal and Spain on February 28, 2010. The storm, named Xynthia, left more than 50 people dead and thousands homeless along France's Atlantic coast. The storm killed people in Germany, Spain and Portugal, but France had...

French President Calls For Ban on Burqas For Muslim Women

Where: Paris, FranceJune 23, 2009 : A small but growing group of French women wear burqas and niqabs, while many more wear the simple Muslim headscarf. Burqas and niqabs cloak the entire body and cover everything but the eyes. Last week, President Sarkozy told Parliament he proposed banning burqas in public, calling them ``a sign of debasement'' for...