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Teenage Girl Lone Survivor from Yemeni Air Crash

Where: Moroni, ComorosJuly 2, 2009 : Weeks after an Air France airliner crashed into the Pacific Ocean, a Yemeni jetliner went down into the Indian Ocean near Comoros, where it was scheduled to land. All passengers were killed, except one teenage girl.The passengers on the ill-fated plane Airbus that crashed into the Indian Ocean were flying the last...

A New Camel Specie Discovered

A bactrian camel standing high in the mountains of Caucasus, Russia.
Have you ever sat on a camel? Well, if you have, then you know how scary it is when the camel rises on its long wobbly legs. The rocking motion of a camel is a bit like a ship being tossed around in heaving seas. Small wonder then that the camel is often called the ship of the desert....

Where did Coffee Originate?

Roasting Ethiopian coffee the traditional way.
The aroma of coffee beans was one of the earliest smells to intoxicate me as a child - such was its flamboyant richness. That, and the lush sight of frothy white milk becoming creamier as it mixed with the nut-brown coffee decoction, served in steel tumblers, was perfect happiness.It is a memory shared by many Indians living in the...