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Why are Zebras Striped?

Why are Zebras Striped?
As a child I was always full of questions. I remember asking my parents why zebras were striped or why did giraffes have such a long neck. Most of the time the answers were elusive and I used to be very irritated. I could never get the right answer to satisfy my curiosity. I now realize why my parents...

Marine Militants: Bioinvasion propagated through Cargo Ships

Marine Militants: Bio-Invasion through Cargo Ships
What would happen if all the lions in Africa are carried away to some other place? The deer population will rise as there will not be anyone to kill them. With this population boom, the deer would need more food.After a point, there will no grass left to feed subsequent generations. This would lead to the destruction of the...

It’s a Zoo Out There!

It's a Zoo Out There!
Almost 400 years ago, Mughal emperor Jehangir acquired a new animal in his private collection or zoo - the zebra. This unusual, striped animal fascinated him so much that he wrote about it in his memoirs as a strange creature. Some even imagined that the animal's stripes had been painted!The emperor decided to find out whether the zebra was...

What is black and white, black and white…

Q: What is black and white, black and white and red all over? A: A blushing zebra.

Birds Sing in their Sleep

Many birds recognize their mothers by sound rather than sight.
Just like humans, birds too rely on sound to communicate. However, they do not have a 'language' in the true sense of the word and instead emit a variety of squawks and chirps to convey different emotions.Often, birds recognise their mates (or young) by sound rather than sight. Hungry fledglings use begging calls to let their mothers know it...

The Emperor and the Zebra

This is a tale almost 400 years old. Mughal emperor Jehangir's zoo had a brand new visitor -- the zebra. And the emperor could not believe his eyes at the sight of this unusual, striped animal. So surprised was he that he wrote about it in his memoirs. He spoke of it as a very strange animal. So strange...