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Why do Doctors Examine the Pulse?

Why do Doctors Examine the Pulse?

If you place the first three fingers of your hand on the inside of your wrist, a dull throbbing reverberates through your hand. Da-dub, da-dub, da-dub. Very reassuring, these gentle thuds, that remind us that our bodies are kicking along, and that, at least at last touch, we’re alive and well. By pulse we mean the regular throbbing of arteries caused by the successive contractions of the heart. During the action of the heart there is a pause....

What is Blood Pressure?

What is Blood Pressure?

The heart is a live pump that delivers blood to different parts of the body. Blood flows in or flows out when the heart contracts and expands. The blood is forced into the arteries, which expand to receive the oncoming blood. The force with which the blood moves through the arteries is knows as blood pressure. The arteries have a muscular lining which resists this pressure. The blood is thus squeezed out into smaller blood vessels....

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