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Gandhi's School is Dying

Gandhi's School is Dying

Where: Wardha district in the western state of Maharashtra, India October 6 : Every year, October 2 is observed as Gandhi Jayanti in India. Both children and adults look forward to this day, but not to commemorate the birth of ‘the greatest Indian since the Buddha, as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has been called. It is more to enjoy the national holiday that falls on this day. To most people Gandhi Jayanti is more like a history lesson they learnt by rote in school....

The Final Glacier

The Final Glacier

The Final Glacier [] A Journey to Gaumukh Written by Sheila Sharma Translated by Shama Chowdhury Illustrations by Reenie Kaur Published by National Book Trust, New Delhi Excerpts from the book: Devyani and Aditya were so tired that they could hardly keep their eyes open and at Harsil they couldn’t wait to fall into bed. But Grandpa insisted that they eat some nuts and a little food first. He said, “You must never go to sleep on an empty stomach in a cold climate....

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