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The 'English Pinch' in Bangladesh

The 'English Pinch' in Bangladesh

What would you say if you saw a restaurant billboard saying “You be in our guest and please like any menu from arrangement ultimate sea food”? Will you brush it aside thinking the billboard painter must be ‘uneducated’. Mark, when I say ‘uneducated’, I actually mean that he does not know English. For a lot of us, being educated also means knowing English. But, can you brush aside an entire nation – Bangladesh – which has problems with its English?...

Mutiny in Dhaka: 70 People Killed by Rebels

Where: Dhaka, Bangladesh February 28, 2009 : The Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) troops rose in revolt against their commanders on 25 February, 2009 after a dispute. The BDR is a paramilitary unit that patrols the country’s borders. There was resentment among the troops over some issues, including pay. The BDR chiefs are all officers from the regular Bangladesh Army, and this was not acceptable to the troops either. At a meeting between troops and officers where the men are allowed to air their grievances, the rebels started spraying bullets at officers....

Kids Learn to Fight from Politicians

Kids Learn to Fight from Politicians

July 15: It happened in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. A man saw a few children abuse and fight each other, and break furniture. He asked them what they were doing. Giggling, the children replied, “We are acting out a Sangsad ( Parliament ) scene.” It was a pretty good imitation of the unruly scenes in the Bangladeshi Parliament. Kids Learn to Fight from Politicians [Illustration by Shiju George] But Bangladesh President Shahabuddin Ahmed did not find the incident funny, however....

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