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The Mystery of the Old Cemetery

The Mystery of the Old Cemetery

The Mystery of the Old Cemetery [Illustartion by Shinod AP] “I wish father were here”. These were the last words of two children when they were mourning their father’s death in a cemetery. They died a few minutes later because of a fire. This is how it happened. A burial ceremony was taking place close by and a man smoking a cigar dropped it onto the dry grass. Flames shot up in the air and all the people present at the burial escaped as they were aware of the fire....

What Lies Beneath?

What Lies Beneath?

What Lies Beneath? [Illustrations by Shiju George] October 28: When archaeologist Donny Youkhanna started excavating an ancient mound in the Umm al-Ajarib cemetery, located 400 km of Iraq’s capital Baghdad, he had no idea what he was going to unearth. He dug up a huge graveyard belonging to the ancient civilization of Sumer, which flourished in Iraq nearly 5000 years ago, says an Associated Press report which appeared in The Times of India....

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