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How Does the Steam Engine Work?

How Does the Steam Engine Work?

In 1804 the first steam-powered engine ran, carrying some iron in Wales, in Britain. But it was almost twenty five years later, in 1829, that George Stephenson, a British engineer, designed the “rocket” that paved the way for railways all over Europe, Asia and America. How Does the Steam Engine Work? [Illustration by Shiju George] The steam engine is an example of a heat engine. Heat engines are those that convert heat energy into mechanical work....

Who stole the Candle Wax?

Who stole the Candle Wax?

On every Diwali, known as the festival of lights, our family has a big discussion on the kind of lighting we should have. And after talking about candles or electric bulbs we invariably choose the _diya_s or earthen lamps for their beautiful flames. But last year, we reached the kumhara or potter’s roadside shop a bit too late. The lamps had been sold out and the potter had a big smile on his face. So we decided to light candles....

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