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Have You Seen the Cuckoo Bird?

Have You Seen the Cuckoo Bird?

Have You Seen the Cuckoo Bird? [Illustration by Sudheer Nath] Have you seen the cuckoo bird With raven-coloured wing? Although I haven’t seen one yet I’ve often heard her sing. The cuckoo on our champak tree Is hidden from our sight Because the leaves are thick and close But how she sings at night! ‘Cuckoo… cuckoo’ says the bird ‘I may be dark, it’s true But there is not a single bird...

Why are Eggs Oval?

Why are Eggs Oval?

Have you ever climbed a tree and peeked into the nest of a crow or a sparrow? Or looked into that flowerpot where the noisy pigeon decided to lay its eggs? The sight of a mother hen sitting on a bunch of fresh white eggs is great, though most of us see them only when they land on the breakfast table every now and then. Eggs come in different colours. They may be blue, blue-green, yellow, spotted, blotched or white....

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