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When Grandma challenged British Rule

When Grandma challenged British Rule

Whenever I go to my ancestral home in Nainital, I never forget to brush my hand across an engraved name-plate and feel the name on it. The name belongs to my great grandfather who used to work for the British Empire. For his loyalty, he was rewarded with the title of ‘Rai Saheb’. Having worked with the British for years, Rai Saheb gained in wealth and name. And everyone in the household feared him. Well, not exactly....

Glimpses from Gandhi's Life

Glimpses from Gandhi's Life

Stories From Bapu’s Life Written by Uma Shankar Joshi Illustrations by Mickey Patel Published by National Book Trust, New Delhi Gandhiji’s intellectual influence on Indians has been considerable. Some were attracted by his emphasis on political and economic decentralisation, others by his insistence on individual freedom, moral integrity, unity of means and ends, and social service; still others by his satyagraha and political activism. Glimpses from Gandhi’s Life [] For some students of India, Gandhi’s influence is responsible for its failure to throw up any genuinely radical political movement....

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