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The Fish Which Changes From Female to Male

The Fish Which Changes From Female to Male

There is a fish called the blackspot angelfish, which can change from female to male. No, it cannot do it by simply wishing to become male. The change happens for a specific reason. The angel fish live in groups. And each group has one male fish, which is blue in colour, and four female fish, which are yellow in colour. The male angelfish is the strongest and largest member of the group. He is the one who protects and looks after the females and acts like their ‘security guard’....

Two Sides of a Coin

Two Sides of a Coin

Two Sides of a Coin [] The Exquisite Balance Written by Poile Sengupta Illustrations by Mrinal Mitra Published by Children’s Book Trust (CBT). Suprabha and Subir’s mother always thought that being twins, her children would have a lot in common – not just physically but also in their ways of thinking. But she realised gradually that her daughter, Suprabha, and son Subir, were poles apart. And Suprabha was not like other girls, either....

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