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The Vultures are Dying

The Vultures are Dying

What’s all this hullabaloo about ‘making connections’? You must wonder why Gobar Times harps on ‘making connections’. Another favourite mantra is – ‘be informed’. Such boring stuff, isn’t it? No tree-plantings, painting competitions, ‘queez’. No ‘Save the cuddly leopards’. Instead, we’re asking you to spare a thought for the bald, wrinkled, smelly vulture. The vultures of Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur, till recently, numbered 2000. Now there are just four. Did I hear someone mutter, “Good riddance”?...

How Green is Your School?

Here’s a little check – list from the New Delhi based children’s newspaper Gobar Times, to rate your school. Getting There Optimum use of the school bus fleet: School bus routes should cover a lot of area, with the fleet picking up as many students as possible. Car pooling: This is quite a workable idea today. Students coming to school from the same neighbourhood should be encouraged to car-pool, after working out the cost of petrol and vehicle wear and tear....

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