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Earrings [Illustrations by Anup Singh] Use wires to make some colourful, ethnic earrings. You’ll be amazed at what a little imagination can do to things. But don’t let these ideas restrict you. Let your imagination carry you to greater depths of creativity. Things you need: Thin wires Paint Colourful beads Coloured wool Adhesive Scissors Step 1: Pick up wires that are not very thick, so that it can go through someone’s ear-hole....

Richer or Poorer?

Richer or Poorer?

Second prize winner of Spin-A-Tale contest Hello! My name is John! I used to be rich but I became poor. Here’s the story. Richer or Poorer? [Illustration by Shinod A.P.] Mom and dad said they wanted to go to Africa to donate rupees 4.5 crores (1 million dollars.) So, we went there. Almost all the taxis were gone. We caught one taxi and went to a very poor village to stay there for five days and to feel how it is to be poor....

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