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Can Fish Lay Eggs in the Mouth?

Can Fish Lay Eggs in the Mouth?

There is a kind of fish which does not use its mouth for just eating. It keeps eggs in its mouth instead of its stomach. And, it is the male fish which does it, not the female. Jawfish (Opistognathidae) are paternal mouthbrooders. Mouthbrooding, also known as oral incubation, is the care given a parent by holding its offspring in its own mouth for extended periods of time. A Nest in the Mouth [Illustration by Shridevi] After the eggs are fertilised, the male puts them in his mouth, and carries them around for a month....

Why does a Kentish Plover Parent Desert its Family?

Why does a Kentish Plover Parent Desert its Family?

When couples exchange vows on the marriage day, they generally say ‘till death do us part’. For a species of shore-dwelling bird called the Kentish Plover, it is ‘till divorce do us part’. Indeed, birds of this species usually leave their partners after the incubation (hatching) of the eggs and usually it is the female who moves on, while the male stays on to look after the babies. A recent study conducted by Andras Kosztolanyi of the University of Debrecen, in Hungary, sheds light on the reason behind this behaviour....

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