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Gandhi's Belongings Auctioned for Millions

Where: New York, USA March 6, 2009 : Indian industrialist Vijay Mallya bought Gandhi’s belongings at a New York auction for $1.8 million (Rs 9 crore). The trademark wire frame spectacles, pocket watch, brass bowl and plate set and a pair of leather sandals had belonged to Mahatma Gandhi, India’s most revered national leader. They were owned by American James Otis, and he put them up for sale at the auction house Antiquorum. The Indian government had tried to prevent the auction, as it wanted the items to be returned to the country....

More Disturbing Attacks on Indians in Australia

Where: Canberra, Australia February 3, 2010 : A large number of Indians living in Australia have become the targets of violence in the past months*. Most of the victims are students, who have been beaten, robbed, and in some cases, murdered. The most recent case was that of Nitin Garg, who was stabbed to death on January 2, 2010. In 2007-2008, there were almost 1500 cases of crimes against Indians in the state of Victoria alone....

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