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Batik: Ancient Art of Painting in Wax

Batik: Ancient Art of Painting in Wax

A routine college day. We had to go for textile practicals after lunch. Going for any class post lunch was a pain. All we wanted to do was sleep. But, that remained a dream since we were always packed with classes after lunch.

Vast Coral Reef in South-East Asia May Disappear by End of Century, Warns WWF Report

Where: Manado, Indonesia May 14, 2009 : The World Ocean’s Conference, a two-day meeting of ministers and officials from more than 80 countries was held in Manado, Indonesia. Rising sea levels, warming waters and increased acidity caused by global warming were some of the major issues discussed here.

'Rim of Fire' in Indonesian Skies: 2009's First Solar Eclipse

Where: Samarinda, Indonesia January 26, 2009 : The annular eclipse of the sun on Monday, 26 January was a celestial spectacle, seen in several parts of Indonesia, and on the Cocos, a South Pacific island group.

Heads of Government to Seek Solutions to World Economic Crisis at G20 Summit

Where: London, United Kingdom March 30, 2009 : The heads of the world’s 20 largest economic powers, the Group of 20 or G20, will assemble in London on April 2, 2009. The London summit will focus on finding solutions to the present global economic crisis.

Indonesian Ferry Sinks, Over 230 People Drowned

Where: Makassar Strait, Indonesia January 12, 2009 : An Indonesian ferry, the ‘Teratai Prima’ was struck by Cyclone Charlotte shortly before dawn on Sunday, January 11. It was making an overnight journey between the islands of Sulawesi and Borneo, carrying 250 passengers, 17 crew and cargo.

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