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Greed Never Pays

Greed Never Pays

Bhim the elephant and Hanoo the langur lived in the Brindavan Jungle. They were the best of friends. Their friendship had, however, started as a need-based one. You may well wonder what would an elephant and a langur need from each other! Let me explain. Bhim who lived alone had grown quite old. He was extremely fond of fresh fruits. However, most of the time he was unable to get them. He was beaten by the more agile, younger and nimbler animals like Jeera the giraffe, Hiran the deer, Ghoda the horse and even Gadha the ass....

Elephants Don’t Diet!....

Elephants Don’t Diet!....

Poor Gol Matolu’s always sad. Why? I don’t know. She looks like the most perfect elephant. Tall, broad big ears, long strong trunk. No one likes to be sad. So why don’t you come with me to find out what the matter is with Gol Matolu? Ah! Here comes Hornbill, let’s ask him. “Hello, do you know why the elephant’s so sad?” “Of course I know. Just look at her if you will. Would you call her nose a nose or a bill?...

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