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Wild Animals Coloring Pages

Wild Animals Coloring Pages

Wild Animals Coloring Pages for kids. Here are some wild animals you can see in a national part or the zoo. Click on any image you like to enlarge it. You can download this image and print it for colouring! Click on any image to view an enlarged version. Print it and color it.

Elephants and Leopards

Elephants and Leopards

_Shatrunjay Hegde is eight years old. He is studying in the 4th standard in Valley School at Bangalore. _ Elephants and Leopards [Illustration by Anup Singh] We went to Bandipur National Park near Mysore for a three day jungle camp and safari. During this trip we went for many safaris. We went trekking in the jungle. We talked about elephants, tigers, leopards and many other animals. We went to the museum at Bandipur where we saw tiger jaws and elephant jaws and we also saw pictures of all the animals which are in the Bandipur National Park....

Something Special

The children were very excited about it. Early in the morning they woke up to the bird songs. Before the sun’s rays could peep in through the treetops they were ready in the jeep. This was their first visit to the jungle with their parents and the guide who knew the jungle well. Welcome to the National Park said the guide. There are lots of interesting things to see. Let’s be on the look out. As they drove off, all senses were alert....

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