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Roadside Locksmith

Roadside Locksmith

The locksmith sits on the roadside with his wares A tilted black umbrella blocks the sun’s glare A mountain of master keys heaped on the ground Some dull, some old Some rusty, some gold Roadside Locksmith [Illustration by Shinod AP] The locksmith has the answer to every locked door That can’t be opened because the key’s not there And if you have a key that is lonely and lost Don’t worry, don’t fret...

Something Foolish

Something Foolish

Numerous events have happened in my life but the one that tops the list of foolish events is the one that happened sometime ago, on a Saturday. Something Foolish [Illustration by Sudheer Nath] As it was a holiday, I was at home. My mother had to buy some articles from the nearby general store. She left after ensuring that I had locked the door properly and said that she would return within 15 minutes....

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