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Monkey Business

Monkey Business

A temple was being built in a town. There were many different workmen busy with their work. The masons were building the walls. The sculptor was finishing the idols. And the carpenters were making wooden frames from logs of wood. In the afternoon, all the workmen used to sit together for lunch. One day while the workmen were eating, a group of monkeys came to the temple site. They started playing with the things the workmen had left behind....

So Many Monkeys!

So Many Monkeys!

They are an amazing lot, they really are! They are absolute monkeys! The Squirrel Monkey has a long and slender tail. The tail serves many purposes. It helps the animal to keep its balance when it monkeys around, I mean, jumps from branch to branch. So Many Monkeys! [Illustrations by D. K. Sharma & Amarjeet Malik] It also acts like a blanket during the night for, the monkey wraps itself cozily in its long tail!...

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