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The Silken Web

The Silken Web

While working on a machine in a sericulture unit in Karnataka, a little girl was severely injured in the head. Sericulture is the art of raising silkworms to obtain raw silk. The incident ocurred in the Ramanagaram-Channapatna taluk (a group of villages make a taluk) of Karnataka, where there are many such units. The little girl is one of hundreds of thousands of children employed in the sericulture industry in the state. Owners of sericulture units prefer children over adults for the work....

Are Fish Dumb?

There was a time when people thought that fish were dumb creatures. Until they invented machines which could detect sounds under water. And guess what these machines heard? A string of grunts, clicks, thumps and other kinds of sounds. It was the fish doing a lot of underwater talking! It seems that they have a lot to talk about, for each sound has a different meaning. There is a kind of fish called the croaker. They actually croak like a frog!...

Simputer: The Low-cost Computer

Simputer: The Low-cost Computer

September 23: For all those who thought computers were expensive items and not in the list of “essential buys”, think again. A new computer is here, priced at an easily affordable Rs 9,000 (about $200)! And cheaper than a colour TV. Does that grab your attention? It is called Simputer. And it’s the answer to your prayers. As the name suggests, Simputer is not for the hitech geeks! It is a simple computer meant for those who think that a mouse is a small rodent and that a RAM is a male goat....

Cap your Scissors

Cap your Scissors

Cap your Scissors [Illustrations by Shinod AP] If you want to find your scissors just when you need them, make this sturdy case for them. The things you need: Any old cloth (12 inches by 16 inches) A sheet of foam (half inch thickness) A sewing machine A thick fancy cord Step 1: Fold the cloth into a quarter. Draw a triangle of base three inches and height seven inches, as shown below....

Indian elections 2009: a symbol of people power

Where: India May 6, 2009 : When a nation of over one billion citizens wakes up every five years to elect its leaders, the entire world turns to watch. The “world’s largest democracy*", India, went to the polls on April 13, 2009, to elect members of the 15th Lok Sabha (or House of Commons, in the Indian Parliament). In a one month-long process, which will end on May 13, 2009, over 714 million voters** will be eligible to vote....


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