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Sadako’s Cranes

Sadako’s Cranes

The atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima ten years ago. I lived a mile away from the city so nothing much happened to me, though the city and its people were burnt. The bomb didn’t do anything to me — so I thought for ten years. I love running. A few months ago, while I was practising for a relay event, I felt dizzy. I thought it was only because I was tired. Then a few weeks after that, I fell down in the field and couldn’t get up....

Places That Care

Places That Care

How many of us have ever given even a fleeting thought to the inconvenience faced by disabled people in the public spaces in our country? How many of us have seen them shopping or visiting theatres, cinema halls or places of worship, leave alone historical monuments? Perhaps, none. For the ‘differently abled’, it is not just disability that makes life tough but our own insensitive and smug attitude coupled with a pathetic support structure that deems it fit to label people with disabilities as ‘handicapped’ rather than help them lead lives on their own....

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