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Bruce Lee

The Chinese American actor Bruce Lee, was born in San Francisco on November 27, 1940. Born a sickly child, he was named Li Jun Fan a female name by his mother to ward off evil spirits. His dad an Hong Kong opera singer returned back to Hong Kong along with his family in 1941. As a kid martial arts and bodybuilding were his only preoccupation, studies didn’t interest him. In 1946 he appeared in first of many films as a child actor....

A Film on Anne Frank

A Film on Anne Frank

March 14: Anne Frank was a teenager when the Second World War broke out. And as Hitler’s Nazi Germany chillingly went about targeting Jews with death, her life changed beyond recognition. She lived in hiding for a while but was caught out and put in a concentration camp, where she died. When in hiding, the young girl had kept a diary in which she had recorded her thoughts and impressions of what was happening to her and around her....

IMAX the High-Tech Theatre

IMAX the High-Tech Theatre

If you thought watching Jurassic Park in your local theatre was a fantastic experience…you haven’t seen anything yet! Imagine being surrounded by dinosaurs ten times larger than the regular movie-screen dinosaurs. For that is exactly what an IMAX screen will show. The IMAX theatre is all set to give ‘watching films on the big screen’ a whole new meaning. IMAX the High-Tech Theatre [Illustration by Navin Pangti] IMAX is coined from the word ‘maximum Image’....

All About Dinosaurs

Where: Los Angeles, USA November 4, 2000: The “dino” passion that the 1993 film ‘Jurassic Park’ ignited among children and adults does not show any signs of abating even in today’s world of ever-shortening attention spans. In the few years since Hollywood director Steven Spielberg made his blockbuster film, an industry has sprung up around the dinosaur theme, with dino caps, bags, theme parks, books and of course, films, milking to their heart’s content, the public’s never-ending fascination for the gigantic creatures that roamed the earth in prehistoric times....

No Dalmatians Please

Have you seen the movie ‘101 Dalmatians?’ Remember the cute cuddly spotted puppies scampering around and performing tricks? Well, if you loved the movie, here’s some news for you – Disney is coming out with yet another puppy-filled movie and it is going to be called ‘102 Dalmatians’ – a sequel to the original movie. No Dalmatians Please [Illustration by Anup Singh] Dalmatians are believed to have originated in Dalmatia (now in Croatia, Europe), long, long ago....

Known in the Media

Rack your brains to think about some animals that have been featured either in a movie or a book and how they became well known.

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