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Excerpts From 'The world of trees'

This is a remarkable book on trees – trees which are not just ‘described’ to you in words as having branches, leaves and sweet-smelling flowers, but trees which you can actually ‘see’ as you read. Big trees, tall trees, stately trees….all come alive with the cries and activities of the numerous birds and insects living on them, the age old myths associated with them and the author’s personal comments, witty and insightful. Indeed, in many places, especially in villages in India, trees are quite inseparable from the way of life of the people....

Manohar Learns a Lesson

Manohar Learns a Lesson

Hey look! Langdu has come in a colour dress today. Must be his birthday,” Manohar sniggered. “Happy Birthday, langdu!” Manohar’s gang chorused and Varun’s face turned red with embarrassment. He had hoped that at least on his birthday Manohar and his friends would spare him. Varun and Manohar were class five students of Digvijay Public School. Varun had fallen down the staircase when he was a toddler and had twisted his ankle. As a result of this injury he had developed a permanent limp....

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