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Indian village people coloring pages

Indian village people coloring pages

Some people in their traditional outfits, others in their traditional work situations in an Indian village. Click on any image you like to enlarge it. You can download this image and print it for colouring! Click on any image to view an enlarged version. Print it and color it.

Weave of Survival

Weave of Survival

To unravel the story behind the famed Kota doria sari, Aditi De of the Women’s Feature Service, travelled to Kota in Rajasthan recently. From there she went to the hamlet of Kaithoon, 15 km from Kota. Kaithoon is the real home of the legendary Kota Doria sari. The creation of each sari is a work of art, involving the labour of the entire family of the weaver. The weaving is mainly done by the daughters of the family, most of whom are small girls too busy working to go to school....

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