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Why is it Harder to Walk Uphill?

Why is it Harder to Walk Uphill?

Raju heard the familiar cry of the ice-cream seller reach his ears, clear as a bell, even from his fourth floor apartment. He flew out of the flat and bounded down the stairs four steps at a time. The lift being under temporary repair, he had to take the stairs. He arrived downstairs a little breathless, and extremely impatient to have his ice-cream. After buying it, he decided to rush home so he could eat it in peace....

24 Hours on Mt. Everest? Oh, Brother!

Where: Kathmandu, Nepal February 16, 2009 : Three Nepalese brothers, Pemba Dorje Sherpa, Nima Gyalzen and Phurba Tenzing plan to stay on Mt. Everest for 24 hours to establish a new world record. The current record is 20 hours on the peak. Between them the brothers have made 16 ascents to the top, mostly as climbing guides. Two more of their brothers have climbed the peak as well. “We won’t sleep. We will pray 24 hours,” Pemba says....

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