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No Singlish, we're Singaporeans

April 21: That person is very havoc, always out late every night. If you ever hear one Singaporean telling another that, don’t rush to correct them. The two are merely having a chat about the nocturnal habits of someone else, in Singlish, the unofficial lingo of Singaporeans. A mixture of English, Malay, Chinese and local slang, Singlish is English with a peppering of Singaporean colloquialisms. But like most hybrids, it does not get much respect, nor is it understood by non-Singaporeans....

Singapore's 'Boy Wizard'

Where: Singapore February 6, 2009 : Lim Ding Wen, a fourth grade student in Singapore, is an expert at six programming languages. He first used a computer when he was aged two! His ‘Doodle Kids’ is a painting program for Apple’s iPhone. The program’s users can draw with their fingers on the touchscreen. And all it takes to clear the screen is a little shake. ‘Doodle Kids’ has been downloaded over 4000 times from the iTunes store in two weeks....

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