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The Stamp Album

Rajappa sensed a sudden drop in his popularity. For the past three days everyone had been crowding around Nagarajan. Rajappa tried to tell them that Nagarajan had become swollen headed, but no one paid any attention to him. For Nagarajan was generous in sharing the stamp album his uncle had sent from Singapore. The boys gathered around Nagarajan and devoured the album with their eyes till the school-bell rang for the morning class; they hovered round him at lunch-break and in the evening invaded his house....

Romance of Postage Stamps

In earlier days the stamps of British Guiana were printed by a British printer, Waterlow & Sons. In 1856, the stock of stamps was exhausted but a fresh supply had failed to arrive. So the postmaster hurriedly had 4-cent stamps printed locally using the existing designs, the seal of the colony – a ship and the motto ‘Damus Petimusque Vicis sim’ (We give and we seek in turn). These new stamps were printed on magenta paper in black ink but the quality was so poor that the postmaster, to prevent forgery, asked the postal officials to initial each stamp before selling it....

Make your own Cards

Make your own Cards

Things you need: Vegetables like potatoes and lady’s finger. A few bottles of bright poster colours. Painting brushes, one for each colour you want to use. Some drawing sheets, or ivory or poster paper. A knife. A water container. Make your own Cards [] What to do: Step 1 Take a potato and slice it into two. Then draw any design on it with the pencil. Take the knife and run its tip over the motif, making a shallow cut....

How Did the Indian Postal Service Start?

How Did the Indian Postal Service Start?

Although methods of postal delivery varied from one country to another, it is believed that in India, Emperor Chandragupta Maurya who ruled the country between 321-297 BC, was the first to introduce a form of postal communication to dispatch confidential reports to distant posts in his empire. However, the first recorded mention in history is to be found in the writings of historian Ziadduin Barni. He mentions that Ala-ud-din Khilji of the Delhi Sultanate, who ruled Delhi over 700 years ago, organized a regular horse and foot runner service called harakuras in 1296 AD....

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