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How does a Submarine Work?

How does a Submarine Work?

Jules Verne in his science fiction, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, mentions a ship, Nautilus, which could dive beneath the waves and surface again when it wanted to. Even before submarines were thought about, Verne had created the blueprint of this technological marvel. Not only did he describe the machine, but he also explained, in great detail, how it worked. In fact, today’s submarines use exactly the same technology as Verne’s Nautilus did! How does a Submarine Work?...

Make a Toy Periscope

Make a Toy Periscope

Make a Toy Periscope [Illustrations by Shinod AP] Imagine going to watch a match starring your favourite teams and then not being able to see it properly. This could well be the case if you are seated at an uncomfortable spot. Instead of coming out of the stadium/field in a sour mood, carry your very own periscope to the next match. A periscope is an optical instrument that comes handy to see things from an angle where it is otherwise difficult to see them....

Saved! Two Nuclear Submarines Collide; No Injuries or Leaks

Where: London, U.K. February 16, 2009 : Last week two submarines, one British and one French, both carrying nuclear weapons, collided in the Atlantic Ocean. Neither British nor French officials could explain how this could have happened with two sophisticated vessels from allied nations. The event proved to be a puzzle and an embarrassment for both navies. There were no leaks or injuries, but both submarines were badly damaged, and had to return to port. One expert said the ‘freak occurence’ was partly because the submarines are designed for stealth, and added, ‘The whole point of a deterrent submarine is that it is as quiet as possible so you can’t find it....


Where: Russia August 19, 2000: The Kursk, an ultra-modern Russian nuclear-powered submarine has sunk. Its crew has been trapped underwater for over a week now. In fact many might already be dead. By denying that it was a serious accident and by not launching serious rescue efforts in the beginning, the Russian government has reduced their chances of survival further… The submarine’s ability to stay for long periods underwater, is an absolute marvel of science. Actually, this is due to its capsule-like body....

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