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Elephants Don’t Diet!....

Elephants Don’t Diet!....

Poor Gol Matolu’s always sad. Why? I don’t know. She looks like the most perfect elephant. Tall, broad big ears, long strong trunk. No one likes to be sad. So why don’t you come with me to find out what the matter is with Gol Matolu? Ah! Here comes Hornbill, let’s ask him. “Hello, do you know why the elephant’s so sad?” “Of course I know. Just look at her if you will. Would you call her nose a nose or a bill?...

Pushkar Lake Water or Sugarcane Juice?

Pushkar Lake Water or Sugarcane Juice?

May 19: If you take a glass of water from the famous Pushkar lake in Rajasthan, it looks like sugarcane juice. But, that is where the simile ends. It is neither sweet, nor does it smell fresh. It has a rotten smell and you will not feel like tasting it. Plus, it has fish bones and mud in it – because, in the past two weeks, 200 fish weighing between 5-20 kilograms have died in the brown depths due to lack of life-sustaining oxygen, The Indian Express newspaper reports....

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