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Latecomers Out

Latecomers Out

August 19: What happens when guests come late to school functions in the city of Surat, Gujarat? They are not invited a second time round. No prizes for guessing the identity of these guests – the city’s politicians, of course. Latecomers Out [Illustration by Sudheer Nath] Politicians who come late to functions in Surat, known as the diamond city for its thriving trade in the precious stone, are a worried lot today....

Killing them Surely

Killing them Surely

Where: Surat, Gujarat, India November 4, 2000: When a member of the Parsi community dies, according to their religion, the body is not buried or consigned to flames. It is placed in the “Tower of Silence” for the scavenger birds or vultures to feed on them so that even in death the body is of use. In Surat, Gujarat, till a few years ago, the body would be eaten up in no time in the Tower of Silence or the Dhokma as it is locally called....

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