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Who’s Who at the Zoo

“Who’s Who at the Zoo” is an amazing book of animals by Ruskin Bond. Published by National Book Trust, India. Each animal is special; none too stupid or ugly, says the author. Out of 24 animal friends talked of in the book, here are some for you. The Zoo is For You In an overcrowded world, where the forests and wilderness are fast disappearing, it is becoming more and more difficult for many birds and animals to find food and shelter....

AHA! Books: Manjula Padmanabhan

AHA! Books: Manjula Padmanabhan

Award-winning writer, playwright, artist, cartoonist and illustrator, Manjula Padmanabhan has published 21 books for children. She lists out her 10 all-time favourite children’s books and series, for Pitara’s A-Ha list. List of Ten: It’s not possible to make a list of “Ten Favourite” children’s books, without including whole series! So that’s what I’ve done. I’ve confined myself to those books that I read in childhood, which means I can’t include the recent children’s books I’ve read — such as Harry Potter (three books, the remaining four are feverishly awaited), the Animorph series (all 31!...

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