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What Kind of Creatures are Sharks?

What Kind of Creatures are Sharks?

Sharks can be found in every ocean of the world. To many people, there’s only one kind of shark: the man-eating white shark of the movie Jaws. They think sharks are ruthless predators that attack anything they come across.

If The Tooth Be Told!...

If The Tooth Be Told!...

Dada and Dadi were very funny. They were good fun too. They loved everyone and always had a good thing to say for everyone they met. They could always make people laugh. All, that is, except each other.

So Many Monkeys!

So Many Monkeys!

They are an amazing lot, they really are! They are absolute monkeys! The Squirrel Monkey has a long and slender tail. The tail serves many purposes. It helps the animal to keep its balance when it monkeys around, I mean, jumps from branch to branch.

Woes Beat Foes!

Vikram and his friends were in the land of giants! “That must be a giant’s house! " said Vikram, shading his eyes and peering into the distance. “Let’s say hello to him!” giggled Anshul. “Don’t be silly!

She Pulls Airplanes, with her Teeth

September 9 : Eighteen-year-old Seema Bhadoria has no teething problems when it comes to pulling strings with weights attached. She is one of the strongest persons in India. Seema has done something even strong body builders hesitate to do – she has pulled an airplane weighing 3387.

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