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Bunny Rabbit

Bunny Rabbit

If you wish to make a toy at home that does not take much time, then try this. It looks cute and can be added to your soft toy collection. The things you need: Fused bulb Cotton Adhesive Black pepper corns Velvet paper or the Indian ‘Bindi’ Scissors Step 1: Take a bulb and stick cotton on it, covering it completely. Give additional padding of cotton for the mouth of the rabbit. Step 2: Cut out the cotton in the shape of rabbit ears and stick them to the rabbit’s head....

Recycled Telephone Books

Recycled Telephone Books

Recycled Telephone Books [Illustrations by Shinod AP] Telephone diaries, address books, origami, notepads…there are numerous uses for rough paper. Don’t discard your old notebooks with unused paper. Here is something useful you can make. The things you need: Unused paper and cover from an old notebook. Stapler Glue Velvet paper Blade Scissors Step 1: Tear out at least 14 pages of unused paper from the notebooks. If they are of unequal sizes, then even them out....

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