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Seasons in a Tree’s Rooted Life

Seasons in a Tree’s Rooted Life

Seasons in a Tree’s Rooted Life [Illustrations by Kusum Chamoli] You may be very proud of the fact that the orange tree in your garden only comes up to your shoulders, but that is just one part of the tree that you see.

Life inside a Public Transport Vehicle

It’s interesting how people make use of the time they spend in travelling from home to office and back, in Indian cities like Delhi and Mumbai – especially if they happen to travel by public transport.

Best Day of the Term

Best Day of the Term

Best Day of the Term [Illustration by Navin Pangti] As I sat down to work out a page of sums on the first school day of 2001, I couldn’t help but think of that lovely day, the best day of the term, just three weeks ago.

Finns Favour Freezing Swim

Finns Favour Freezing Swim

November 4: It’s winter in Finland and temperatures are touching single digits. Across the Arctic, from Burbank to Murmansk, the land is completely frozen. Suddenly a group of Finns appear with a pickaxe and drill a hole in the thick ice pack.

Athlete's Death Casts Gloom Over Games

Where: Vancouver, Canada February 15, 2010 : The 21st Winter Olympics began in Vancouver, Canada, on February 12, 2010. Just hours before the opening ceremony, Georgian athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili died during a practice session. He lost control of his sled, which was going at a speed of 90 miles per hour.


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