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Who, what, where, when & how? Our online science magazine for kids tries to answer all your questions on science, environment, earth, geography, history, health, living beings, exploration and discoveries, cultures and customs. You will find features on shooting stars, ocean depths, dinosaurs, satellites, ham radios, hiccups, and much more. Enter this fascinating kids science zone and find the answers to all your questions about the world around you.

How does a Nuclear Bomb differ from a conventional bomb?

Both kill, cause large scale destruction, and pollute the air. There the comparison ends, for the mass destructive power of the nuclear bomb over time and space knows no limits. Read on ...

Why don't Birds on a wire get a shock?

Touching a high voltage wire is extremely dangerous, yet crows and sparrows, perched on these wires, never get a shock - apparently all that current coursing right below them, leaves them quite unruffled. Read on ...

Why do Clocks Run Clockwise?

Our lives are constantly dictated by time. We rush in and rush out trying to meet various schedules in our lives. But have you ever stopped to think why the needles of the clock run in a certain way? Read on ...

Why is Snow White?

Winter in certain countries heralds snow. Children love to play in it either on sleds or on ice skates as the lakes and rivers freeze in the cold. Others go to mountain resorts and ski on the snow covered slopes. Read on ...

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Elevator Physics

What is the secret behind feeling momentarily weightless in an elevator? Do we really weigh as much as our weighing scale shows us? A little elevator physics made simple. Read on ...

What is the Software for Life?

Like computers, our bodies have a software code called the genetic code which makes it run. Read on ...

How does a Submarine Work?

A submarine is a type of boat which can travel either on or under water. The principle that air is lighter than water is what makes this possible. Read on ...

Why canít the Sun melt Snow?

Sunlight carries heat with it. This heat is enought to melt ice, but ice is transparent. Sunlight penetrates thick layers of ice without making it melt. Read on ...

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How do Satellites Stay Up?

Satellites orbit the earth because of the force of gravity. To understand why this happens and why the satellite does not get pulled in and fall, we have to understand what forces do. Read on ...

Why do Cats Always Land on Their Feet?

Look at a cat fall from a height. You expect it to hurt itself, but it doesn't. This is because cats have an in-built mechanism to adjust their position during a sudden fall. Read on ...

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