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In our large collection of children’s stories from around the world you will find jungle tales, bedtime stories, funny stories, short stories, long stories, stories of schools, of friendships and much more. Some serious stories, some funny stories, some light-hearted ones; some inspire, some ignite the imagination and some are just fun to read. Delve into this treasure-trove of juvenile fiction.

Kaku and Lal Hawa

Every day Kaku would take the long way to school, past the fields, beyond the lake and across the Ram Lila grounds. He had a new friend whom no one knew about. Read on ...

Toys For a Big Boy

The day Ronit turned eight-years-old, he said he was a BIG boy. Kids' toys and games were not for him. Not even his favourite toy, the stuffed doggy Pepper... Read on ...

Go For It, Bablu!

Shankar had a new shadow: eight-year-old Bablu, the son of their driver. One day, Shankar saw Bablu trying to read. But he was holding the book upside down. Shankar decided to help... Read on ...

Guddu's Lucky Day

Gayatri stared at Rimjhim's bookmark. It was the same small envelope she had found on the porch this morning! It was crumpled now, and one of the corners was bent, but there at the top was the design she wanted to draw. Read on ...

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An Unforgetful Trip

For 'The Thunderbirds' it was just another midterm trip after exams but none were prepared for what actually happened. Read on ...

Long Bony Fingers

Somu was a great fan of ghost stories and sometimes would one or two tricks on his friends. But one day, what seemed like a chapter from a scary novel became reality. Read on ...

The Good Turn

Gina's mind was as sharp as a knife, but she was used to having her way, and not very gentle with others. And she had no friends to speak of until the day Rita joined her class. Rita, who was afraid of math... Read on ...

The Cookie

Suddenly Nina remembered a box of cookies sent by her mother that was lying in her locker. She had been hiding it from her friends for an emergency. Clearly, this was an emergency. Read on ...

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The Dress

It was Maya's birthday, and for the party, she wanted to wear the beautiful new blue dress of her cousin, Nina. But how to persuade Nina to part with it? Read on ...

The Friends

Two friends were travelling through the woods, when they came across a fearsome bear. While one of them quickly climbed a branch, did the other friend manage to save himself? Read on ...

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