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Toys For a Big Boy

Toys For a Big Boy

Ronit Subramanian was seven years old and he was the tallest student in his class. It made him feel very proud. But when he remembered some of the things he used to do as a small kid, he felt a little shy. He wished his mother would not tell those stories to her friends again and again. Last week his mother’s old school friend had come to see her. They were meeting after 10 years. Ronit was just back from school but his ears pricked up when he heard his mother say in that goofy tone, “You know what my Ronit used to do as a baby?...

Spiderman and Spidermamman

Spiderman and Spidermamman

Spiderman and Spidermamman [Illustration by Shinod AP] One day when Peter was going he saw a new Spiderman. It was a bad Spiderman. Peter ran home and came out, black Spiderman. He said, “Who are you?” The new spider man said, “My name is Spidermamman. My short form is SMM and I destroy the city.” Spiderman said, “I will destroy you SMM.” SMM tried to destroy Spiderman but something black black came and washed the fire and SMM got caught in that black black thing....

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