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Children's Activities & Projects

Activities & projects for kids to do, make, create & learn. From art and craft activities to quiz and colouring books for kids, this section is for children who love to experiment with new things. For budding quizmasters, there is Quiz-O-Mania, with quizzes specially designed for kids.

Children's Craft Art

Kids will love to make cards, masks, toys, festival decorations. Create your own craft kit for kids from throwaway stuff. Learn party games for kids. Simple printable coloring worksheets for kids and loads of craft for children.

Children's Quiz-o-Mania

Online quiz for kids on our earth, space, people, places, festivals. Kids' quizzes on the human body, sport, computers and inventions. Earth science for kids and children's quiz games rolled into one.

Coloring Pages for Kids

Download our online coloring pages for kids and go wild. Find clowns, animals, cars, Indian festival scenes, Lord Ganesha and more in our children's colouring book. The world in colour worksheets for kids.

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Word Play for Kids

These word play activities for kids are designed to fun and help children learn word meanings, grammar, antonyms, sentence construction, tenses, and much more…
A range of children's activities such as online children's puzzles, find the right word or opposites. Activities that is sure to make your  day... see the world through kids' word of the day.

The Magic of Math for Children

Cool maths for kids. Count the teddies and ice creams in kids math games. Add joy, subtract worry in kids' math activities of flash cards. Find the percentage of fun in kids math puzzles!

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Arts for Kids

Fun and educational art projects for kids to create, make, draw, paint, learn and enjoy. Includes colouring pages, paper art, broom tick art, sketch books, printable activities and much more. Here is an opportunity for every child to color the world with imagination.

Summer Crafts for Kids

Craft activities to keep kids busy through the summer months. Try your hand at making toys, decorations, photo frames, vases and much more...

Science For Kids

Explore the how and why behind everyday things in our free science magazine for kids. You can also find some cool ideas for science projects and experiments. You could also test your skills by choosing to play one of our many science quiz for kids . Jump right in and start discovering now...

Coloring Pages for Kids

Hundreds of coloring sheets for kids: Download the pictures and colour them wild. There are clowns, animals and automobiles. You will also find shades of festivals, traditional lamps, and sceneries and much, much more. Start coloring now...

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