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If you love to make things, this section is packed with art and craft activities. Try your hand at making cards, masks, toys, decorations, a musical instrument out of odds and ends, or make a periscope from household stuff. Choose from a wide variety of printable activities and online craft activities. Try our new Summer Crafts for Kids section or the Arts for Kids section for loads of fun craft activities to keep you busy through the summer.

Tin Can Lantern

This lovely lantern provides a safe way to carry candles around. This activity needs some planning but the result is well worth it - whether it is to parade outside or to give a spooky feel to a night-time picnic. Read on ...

Pencil stand of Bangles

Need a stand to keep your pens and pencils? Make use of the old bangles that you have probably forgotten about. Read on ...

Plasticine Candle Stand

Candle stands can be made in a variety of ways. Here is one that I made as a child and believe me it is great fun. Read on ...

Jumbo Mask

Paper plates are extremely handy. They are not only a good substitute for normal plates, they can be turned into excellent masks! Read on ...

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How often is it that you want to do something different? Something that is unconventional? Sometimes - Yes! Well, this is what you can do. Read on ...

Make a Toy Periscope

If you want to look out of the window but cannot reach it, use a periscope. Read on ...

Plan your Calendar

Calendars you would have seen many but a one like this is a little different. It is multipurpose having a planner and a timetable but the difference is that you will need to make one to possess one. Read on ...


This game can be played anywhere if you have a paper and a pen/pencil. Ofcourse the more the people the better it becomes. Read on ...

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One Act Play

A simple play that you can perform this New Year and have loads of fun. Read on ...

Santa Mask

On the eve of Christmas all children sleep in the excitement of waking up to find gifts. Would you also like to become Santa and give some gifts to your loved ones? Read on ...

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