Here comes the Mango [Illustrations by Shiju George]
Here comes the Mango [Illustrations by Shiju George]

Set everyone’s stomach growling with your irresistable, yummy look.

All you need is:

  1. Two Cardboard Sheets.

  2. Two White Chartpapers.

  3. Water Colours.

  4. Paint Brush.

  5. Two meter yellow ribbon.

  6. Scissors, pencil and eraser.

Step 1: Paste a white chartpaper on to a cardboard sheet. Draw the shape of a mango and cut it.

Step 2: Colour the mango using different shades of yellow and orange. Repeat the same steps to make another mango which would cover your back.

Step 3: Once you have made your front and back, make holes on the sides of both the mango pieces and string the ribbon like you do your shoelaces.

Wear a yellow bottom and a brown full sleeves top. The yellow will match with your mango and the brown will give the effect of a branch.

Your mango suit is ready to be worn. Just make sure that you tie the ribbons firmly so that the mango does not drop!

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