If you wish to make a toy at home that does not take much time, then try this. It looks cute and can be added to your soft toy collection.

Bunny Rabbit
Bunny Rabbit [Illustrations by Shinod AP]
The things you need:

1. Fused bulb
2. Cotton
3. Adhesive
4. Black pepper corns
5. Velvet paper or the Indian ‘Bindi’
6. Scissors

Step 1: Take a bulb and stick cotton on it, covering it completely. Give additional padding of cotton for the mouth of the rabbit.

Step 2: Cut out the cotton in the shape of rabbit ears and stick them to the rabbit’s head.

Step 3: Also, stick four cotton balls for the legs and one for the tail.

Step 4: Finally, stick two black pepper corns for the eyes and cut the velvet paper or ‘bindi’ in a crescent shape to make the mouth.

And, if you wish to make whiskers, then you could use a plastic string, or finer hair of the broomstick.