How do we make sure that our favourite person stays by our side at most times? Simple – we frame their photographs and keep them in a place where we can always see them. What fun if we could make the photo frames too! And it is not at all difficult.

Ice Cream Stick Photo Frame [Illustration by Jaykrit]
Ice Cream Stick Photo Frame [Illustration by Jaykrit]

The things you need:

  1. Ice Cream sticks.

  2. Adhesive.

  3. Colours.

  4. Thick string or wire.

Step 1 Collect around 15 ice cream sticks. For the base of the frame, stick the ice cream sticks as shown in the picture.

Step 2 Leave half-an-inch space from all the sides and glue four sticks on the base to make the upper layer of the frame.

Step 3 Slide the photograph through the gap.

Step 4 Take a thick wire or a string to make a loop. Stick the two ends of the loop at the back of the frame. You can now hang your photo frame.

You can draw a variety of patterns on the side of your photo frame with the help of crayons.

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