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Earth Facts for Children

Earth science & facts for kids - Now displaying 1 to 10

This section is focused on our earth! Find out planet secrets, from rainforests to sea turtles. Be a kid science sleuth and track our planet earth -- oceans, mountains, places, nature, global warming, pollution, the natural world and much more. Amazing facts and unusual behaviour of reptiles, insects, animals, birds, rainforests... Come in and join our Earth Science for Kids club.

Sea Turtles

One of the oldest surviving species on earth, the sea turtle has many interesting habits. The most interesting being its tendency to come back to the same nesting site, again and again. Read on ...

The Truth about Zoos

They may have been set up with lofty aims, but conditions in Indian zoos mirror that of a badly run state orphanage. The solution here, too, seems to be to adopt an animal. Read on ...

Tree Rings tell many Tales

By looking closely at the rings of a tree, scientists can not only tell how old it is; they can also tell you the state of the planet during its lifetime. Read on ...

No Dalmatians Please

When the movie 101 Dalmatians hit the screen, thousands of people went and picked up these loveable puppies as pets. But many were unable to keep to their commitment of maintaining a pet. Now the sequel, 102 Dalmatians, is attracting flak from animal-protection groups to prevent another rash of Dalmatian buying. Read on ...

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Great White Sharks Heading for Extinction

Found in every ocean of the world, the great white shark is feared as a man-eater. These misunderstood creatures have been commercially hunted so ruthlessly that they now face the threat of extinction. Read on ...

Rhinos: On the Comeback Trail

The rhino population has been systematically decimated by poachers who kill the animal for its horn. Thanks to conservation efforts in Africa and India, the rhino population is showing some signs of recovery. Read on ...

Mosquito Menace

So you want to avoid those irritatingly itchy, even dangerous, mosquito bites? Wipe off that sweat and beware of the female of the species. Read on ...

The Secrets of the Ocean Floor

Mt. Everest is not the tallest mountain in the world. It is actually Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Find out how... Read on ...

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Venice is Sinking

Yes, the city famous for its spectacular waterways is sinking and sinking fast. Global climate changes are leading to a sharp rise in the region's water levels. Read on ...

High-tech Turtle

Jikko must be one of the luckiest turtles in the world. Badly injured in an accident in Thailand, it got a brand new fibre-glass shell. Read on ...

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