Mind Games

Online brain teasers for kids. Think smart and guess your opponent's next move. Before that, understand the pattern of these children’s computer games. Master these online math puzzle games for kids.

Connect 4 Dots

Click to drop a dot. Connect four dots in a row, column or diagonal and win the game.


Math was never so fun. Just click on the numbers and see how they add, substract, multiply and divide. See the numbers grow or lessen with each click. Its fun time!


Click on a box to uncover the image, find and click on two twins and they will vanish. Clear the board to win.


The Butterfly in a Bottle

Poltu was wide awake in his bed. He had had a marvellous dream in which he had won the football match in the inter-school...

The Great Escape

On the outskirts of a bustling city near the sea coast was a zoo named Kananvan. It was famous all over the world for...

Which Mammal lays Eggs?

Mammals are creatures who give birth to their young ones as opposed to other animals who lay eggs. Birds, reptiles and insects lay eggs....

Dropping Trees from the Sky – Hydroseeding

Finally there is a simple solution to the growing problems of deforestation and the greenhouse effect - dropping millions of trees out of an...

Welcome to Blind Cow Restaurant

Almost two years ago, a blind pastor, Reverend Jorge Spielmann started a restaurant for the blind in the city of Zurich, in Switzerland. Almost...